Pool Deck & Patio Restoration

Bring your backyard oasis back to life

There's nothing better than entertaining guests and relaxing in the comfort of your own pool or patio. Unfortunately, outdoor areas are subject to harsh weather conditions, and before long your once-pristine stone or tile may now be covered with stains, mold, mildew, dirt and debris. Harsh chemicals and pressure cleaners may also damage stone or tile surfaces. How can you get back the oasis you once had?

Don't fret! The stone and tile experts at Stonewood Hard Surface and Cleaning can properly clean and restore your beautiful backyard haven. We use specialized, deep-cleaning methods that safely and effectively remove stains, mold and efflorescence -- that white, powdery-looking substance that diminishes the look of your stone.

We can also repair any damage, such as chips or holes that may have been formed. If needed, we can also hone the surface to be less slippery, or apply a sealer to prevent future mold. And as always, we protect your landscape during any of our processes.

Contact us to have your backyard area properly cleaned and restored by our trained professionals.

Stonewood Hard Surface and Cleaning is a Certified Stone and Tile PRO Partner and provides expert restoration services throughout the Houston area.